Musical theatre workshops and productions

Our Focus


We produce musical theatre workshops and productions that educate and entertain the community.


We create opportunities for young people to experience musical theatre through workshops and performance.


We award grants to artists and organizations that enhance the musical theatre community and other artistic venues.

Latest News

Broadway, Off Broadway and Off Off Broadway…

I read an article today that reported that for the first time in a long time a show Off Broadway opened and made money.    Of course, there have been long running shows Off Broadway that have made

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Musicals that are song cycles.

As I was wrapping my brain around one of the new musicals that I am working on, it suddenly hit me…maybe this show is really a song cycle and not a musical with a full book. Over the past year I hav

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Jukebox Musicals…

What is a jukebox musical?  I heard someone ask this question the other day….and this person was a regular theatre goer.  When I started to explain to them what it was and what some of the more po

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What makes GREAT Choreography?

I was meeting with a director/choreographer recently and I asked the question – what makes “great” choreography?  We then had a long talk about what each of us valued in choreography and how ch

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Next new musical?????

Since 57th National Mathlete Sum-it has been given to Theatrical Rights Worldwide, I have been lucky enough to start working on my next project. Truth is, I have been thinking about this next project

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Musical Revivals – what is coming up!!

I planned to write this blog a few weeks ago – just after the blog about new musicals coming to Broadway this season.  Then things got busy and other blogs were ready to go, so this one is a bit la

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