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We produce musical theatre workshops and productions that educate and entertain the community.


We create opportunities for young people to experience musical theatre through workshops and performance.


We award grants to artists and organizations that enhance the musical theatre community and other artistic venues.

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Preparing for Submissions….

One of the most important and most difficult steps in producing a new musical is preparing the show and the material for submissions.  Submissions to festivals, competitions and other producers.  On

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Why the “I WANT” song??

One part of the fun of being Associate Producer at CPA Theatricals is the contributions my skill offers.  But another part is how much I am learning, given that I have no background as a theatre prof

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Musicals with funny lyrics

I have been asked by a reader to please write something funny….I think it is a great time to do so…. so here goes. I LOVE going to the theatre and laughing.  LOVE it.  I prefer comedies to s

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A Sky full of butterflies and a big white dog

Recently, I went on a yoga retreat in the mountains of Thailand.  I was so looking forward to it – yoga twice a day in the cool mountains, vegetarian meals and silent walks.  Time to replenish the

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Demo recordings…

Part of developing a new musical is creating demo tracks of the music.  Why is it important?  Who listens to them? When is the best time to create the demos?  Glad you asked…… First, I should s

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A Word from the Associate Producer…

After  over 150 blogs and almost three years of writing, Larry Little is demanding a bit of team participation.  So, I am coming out from behind the curtain to join the theatrical conversation. I’

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