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The Show Goes On……

Readers of the blogs get regular updates on our projects to develop new musicals and about what we’ve learned along the way.  But the goal of all this theatrical work is not really to develop shows.  It’s to have them on the stage! I suppose that’s fairly obvious.  But it’s not always so clear.  At

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GIRLHOOD workshop….it starts….

The texts and emails started the day before.  A bit of a panic it seemed.  “I don’t think we can realistically do 6 numbers in 4 hours!” “I cannot teach choreography before they learn the song.” “Four more students will be showing up and they don’t have the material.” “I won’t be able to come

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NAMT 2018

Last week, I was fortunate to be in NYC for the 30th Annual Festival of New Musicals.   It was presented by the National Alliance for Musical Theatre.  This is a great organization that works to advance musical theatre by nurturing the creation, development and production of new musicals.  The festival is two days of activities

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Preparing for Submissions….

One of the most important and most difficult steps in producing a new musical is preparing the show and the material for submissions.  Submissions to festivals, competitions and other producers.  Once your show is at the first draft stage – or mostly complete – it is important to get feedback from your peers. That is

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Why the “I WANT” song??

One part of the fun of being Associate Producer at CPA Theatricals is the contributions my skill offers.  But another part is how much I am learning, given that I have no background as a theatre professional.   As a life-long audience member, I always knew what I liked and what I didn’t.  But I think

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Musicals with funny lyrics

I have been asked by a reader to please write something funny….I think it is a great time to do so…. so here goes. I LOVE going to the theatre and laughing.  LOVE it.  I prefer comedies to sad stories.   I want to see well rounded, true to life characters in hysterical circumstances.  But it

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