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New Look…..

Again?  Isn’t that going to just confuse people?   – That is what I said in our marketing and PR meeting when we discussed a new logo design for our upcoming production of THE LAND OF FORGOTTEN TOYS.  Our marketing consultant assured everyone that this was quite normal and that we needed a new branding featuring

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When I was a performer I tracked my success rate of booking a job.  It was 1 in 14.  That means for every 14 auditions, I got one job.  While seeing those odds was somewhat disheartening, I also found it helpful.  So, I went to as many auditions as possible.  I auditioned for roles I

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What a cast!!!!

I am pleased to announce our cast for THE LAND OF FORGOTTEN TOYS!  Our new Christmas musical will open December 6, 2019 at the Greenhouse Theater Center in Chicago and run till December 29!  We will be performing in the upstairs main stage theatre – and boy are we excited! First, I want to introduce

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We help each other!!

I am reading Malcom Gladwell’s new book “Talking to Strangers” and one of the interesting points he makes is – We all default to truth.  Most of us, when confronted with a situation where we must evaluate another human, we default to “they are telling us the truth.” It is an optimistic, positive point of

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Six Weeks to GO!

In six weeks we will start rehearsals for our pilot production of THE LAND OF FORGOTTEN TOYS at the Greenhouse Theater Center in Chicago.  Six weeks, long time, ha?  NOT I thought so as well.  Until I took a moment to reflect on what I did in the last week. Marketing / PR – we

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So much to do…and to learn!!

In his recent blogs, Larry Little described the complexities of mounting a staged workshop for THE LAND OF FORGOTTEN TOYS.  And he talked about some of the things he learned from the performances and from the audience feedback.  I learned a whole lot, too.  And I’m still learning.  But less about the show than about

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