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The results of a reading…

“I don’t think a compass works at the North Pole.” She was correct. “You cannot see Polaris from the southern hemisphere.” He was correct. “When do we get to see Grace have her “moment of change?” These are some of the great comments that we heard from our reading of THE ISLAND OF MISFITS last

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Surround yourself!!

At this year’s Tony Awards, Andre De Shields won the award for Best Featured Actor for his performance in HADESTOWN.  Mr. De Shields is 73 years old and has been acting for half a century.  And this was his first Tony! His beautiful acceptance speech has been widely quoted.  In case you didn’t see it,

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Twenty Three

  Twenty-three.  There are twenty-three kids in Bravo Performing Art’s production of GIRLHOOD.  “Well, I wanted to have about 34, but we were a bit under enrollment this year” the director told me. But, let me tell you – twenty-three middle school students is a lot.  I was at the first rehearsal. First rehearsals are

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Musical Theatre and Modern Dance

William Reilly’s Academy of Ballet is where I was a scholarship dance student.  I was a boy, with no dance training – other than a few shows I had performed in.  And because of my gender (a shortage of boys!), I was given a scholarship.  It meant I got to take as many ballet classes

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Things I learned about PIPPIN!

PIPPIN has always held a special place in my heart.  I remember seeing it four times before I went to college. You see, I was in high school when it was the “big” show to do.  Although I never did the show, I still LOVED seeing it.  As I am reading the revised and updated

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Trouble…Erratic…Unreliable….Undependable – NO!

I was sitting quietly in the back of the costume work room, waiting for my time to be measured and to have my costume fitted.  I was young, just out of college, and this was a huge, important company I was working with as an actor.  Next to me was a mature actress that had

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