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Preparing for Submissions….

One of the most important and most difficult steps in producing a new musical is preparing the show and the material for submissions.  Submissions to festivals, competitions and other producers.  Once your show is at the first draft stage – or mostly complete – it is important to get feedback from your peers. That is

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Why the “I WANT” song??

One part of the fun of being Associate Producer at CPA Theatricals is the contributions my skill offers.  But another part is how much I am learning, given that I have no background as a theatre professional.   As a life-long audience member, I always knew what I liked and what I didn’t.  But I think

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Musicals with funny lyrics

I have been asked by a reader to please write something funny….I think it is a great time to do so…. so here goes. I LOVE going to the theatre and laughing.  LOVE it.  I prefer comedies to sad stories.   I want to see well rounded, true to life characters in hysterical circumstances.  But it

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A Sky full of butterflies and a big white dog

Recently, I went on a yoga retreat in the mountains of Thailand.  I was so looking forward to it – yoga twice a day in the cool mountains, vegetarian meals and silent walks.  Time to replenish the soul, spirit and imagination. My yoga teacher turned me onto this place when she sent me a link

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Demo recordings…

Part of developing a new musical is creating demo tracks of the music.  Why is it important?  Who listens to them? When is the best time to create the demos?  Glad you asked…… First, I should say that there are different kind of demos.  The most basic demo is what the composer records after they

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A Word from the Associate Producer…

After  over 150 blogs and almost three years of writing, Larry Little is demanding a bit of team participation.  So, I am coming out from behind the curtain to join the theatrical conversation. I’m Tim O’Connell.  I’m Larry’s life-partner for the last thirty years – and spouse since 2011.  So, it’s not surprising that I’ve

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