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BIG NEWS!!! So exciting….

I am pleased as punch….no, thrilled really….to announce that the musical that we have been working on for several years has been contracted to be licensed by Theatrical Rights Worldwide (TRW)!    Yes, this company was one of the licensing companies I profiled a few weeks ago. Truth is, I have had TRW on a list

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Q&A about licensing

Theatrical Rights Worldwide (TRW) and CPA Theatricals have entered into a licensing agreement for the new musical: 57th National Mathlete Sum-It: the almost all-girl math musical! formerly titled NUMBERS NERDS Q&A Why did CPA Theatricals contract Theatrical Rights Worldwide (TRW) to license the show? It has always been the goal to have NUMBERS NERDS licensed

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Tap breaks in musical numbers

One of the great ways to get reduced tickets for Broadway and Off-Broadway shows is to go to the TKTS booth in New York.  Now, it is a modern structure in the middle of Times Square (there are other locations as well) and the lines move much faster than they used to.  There is an

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Birthdays and Broadway Musicals

I had a birthday last week. And as I was reading the messages from Facebook, one of my readers suggested I do a blog about musicals that have birthdays in them and their different vantage points.  Great idea I thought.  So, here goes: GYPSY – Just after the girls grow up and Baby June becomes

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Who licenses musicals?

When I was Associate Producer of a theatre, I remember sitting in a meeting with my boss, the Artistic Director, and several other staff.  We were in the final stages of planning the season for the following years.  What musicals would we produce?  What new shows were available?  What shows were different from the current

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Hiring the right people… especially in the theatre!

I ran a CPA firm for 18 years.   I hired and fired dozens of folks – accountants, bookkeepers, office staff, secretaries, etc.  I learned quickly that hiring, and training staff – and firing, sometimes — are some of the most important and frustrating parts of running a small business.  As I am starting to work

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