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GIRLHOOD – take a peek

GIRLHOOD the musical was a hit this week at Bravo Performing Arts in Oak Park, IL.  Tina Reynolds directed 23 tweens as they performed 19 songs!  Standing ovations every night and the crowd went crazy. Take a look at the opening number – “Just the Start.”  The first day of middle school! Then, there is

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Tech rehearsals can be brutal!

Tech rehearsals can be brutal.  Brutal for everyone.  I remember being in a tech rehearsal for five hours and that was just for the first act.  What is a tech rehearsal?  This is the first time where all of the production elements come together.  The director gets to see the costumes under the lights, the

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The results of a reading…

“I don’t think a compass works at the North Pole.” She was correct. “You cannot see Polaris from the southern hemisphere.” He was correct. “When do we get to see Grace have her “moment of change?” These are some of the great comments that we heard from our reading of THE ISLAND OF MISFITS last

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Twenty Three

  Twenty-three.  There are twenty-three kids in Bravo Performing Art’s production of GIRLHOOD.  “Well, I wanted to have about 34, but we were a bit under enrollment this year” the director told me. But, let me tell you – twenty-three middle school students is a lot.  I was at the first rehearsal. First rehearsals are

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LOTS to do……

And so my acquaintance asked me: “What does it mean to be an Associate Producer?  What do you need if you want that job?” I thought of that question as we were preparing for – and then producing – our reading of MISFITS at Carroll University a couple of weeks ago.  I suppose I’m being

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Reading Photos…

Last weekend, we had our full reading of our first draft of THE ISLAND OF MISFITS – The Musical. In collaboration with Carroll University, directed by James Zager, over 100 supporters came to the presentation and gave us feedback on the show.  Enjoy the photos!  

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