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Welcome to Custodia!

The Mystery of Custodia is a completely virtual musical, able to be rehearsed and performed by students from the safety and comfort of their own homes.

Comprising 24 scenes, this musical is designed for all students to have a monologue, and occasionally songs.

Students film their individual section(s) and submit them to the Drama Teacher or Director, who will put all scenes in order and place it online for audiences to enjoy!

The Mystery of Custodia

Music & Lyrics by Dylan MarcAurele
Book by Mike Ross
Story and Additional Content by Larry Little

Royalty Packages

The Mystery of Custodia includes actor’s script, lead sheets for learning music, rehearsal tracks with professional vocalists previewing the songs, a teacher reference guide, a logo package, and performance tracks for your filming purposes.


Hi-Mount School is in crisis! Mr. Humphrey, the school janitor mysteriously stopped showing up, leaving Drama Teacher Ms. McGery to take up his place. Beloved Lunch Lady Linda has mysteriously disappeared without a trace, and there’s a mysterious wallet with some disturbing notes found in Custodia!

When Drama Club member (and amateur sleuth) Foster has to bring the dead classroom goldfish down to Custodia–a mysterious area of school where janitors roam and rumors abound–she gets more than she bargained for when she takes up the case! Enlisting the help of her fellow drama club members, and trying to hold the meddlesome school reporter at bay, Foster tries to solve the greatest mystery of them all: The Mystery of Custodia.

Casting & Roles

The Mystery of Custodia is written for 17 students: 6 males; 11 females. The script is easily adaptable for larger or smaller casts, and both Skip Sinwell and all roles within The Drama Club can be played by either gender with little-to-no change.

An Online Musical


For the price of $150, everything you’ll need to perform The Mystery of Custodia will be at your fingertips. Performance packages include:

  • Performance rights to rehearse, perform, and stream The Mystery of Custodia
  • Video rights to The Mystery of Custodia
  • Director/Educators Package, including Script, Lead Sheets, and Education Guide
  • Actors Package, including Full Script and Lead Sheets
  • Rehearsal Tracks (with demo vocals)
  • Performance Tracks (instrumental only)
  • Logo Package

All materials are sent directly to you via download in a secure email.

Since we know that this is a difficult time for everyone, we also offer sliding-scale pricing for those who cannot pay the full $150 fee. Please send an email to to discuss.

Putting Your Musical Online

It’s almost curtain time! Your students have done the work, you’ve rehearsed, refined, and recorded all of your individual videos. Now it’s time to show off your work, but how do you do it?

Now it’s time to show off your work, but how do you take your show from footlights, regardless of what level of technical capacity you may have!

Tips for Good Video Production

  1. Rehearse and review the video to ensure the audience can always see you!
  2. Make sure light is in front of you and not behind…we want to see your faces!
  3. Make sure others in your home know that you are doing this so they remain quiet.
  4. No pets in the room unless they are part of your presentation. This is your student’s time to shine, not Sparky’s!
  5. Be creative! Part of the fun of virtual musicals is seeing your student’s imagination run wild. Don’t let the limitations of quarantine detract you from the fun of production!

Pilot Productions – July 2020

Bravo Performing Arts – Oak Park, IL
Viking Middle School – Gurnee, IL
Deerfield High School – Deerfield, IL
Class Act in Champaign, IL


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