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NERDS in another festival!!!

britain-maisieYep!  Next week NUMBERS NERDS will be presented at the Illinois Theatre Association’s Community Theatre Festival.  The festival will be held at  the gorgeous Engle Lane Theatre in Streater, IL.  danielleOur goal is to showcase our show in front of many community theatres in hopes that they will want to present the show in their theatre!

We will be using three of the same actors who performed the show in August at the Chicago Musical Theatre Festival (CMTF) – Maisie Rose, Britain Gephardt, and Danielle Davila.  So great to have them along for the next journey.  And, I would like to welcome back Elya Bottiger and Miki Byrne and also announce a new member of the NERDS family – Conor McGarry.

miki-brynYou may remember seeing pictures of Elya and Miki on our website, as they both have performed NERDS roles in previous readings.  Miki has played Barbie several times and each time finds new ways to make us laugh.  elya-2Elya, playing Amber, took the role of Amber in a very early reading of the show.  With Elya’s flaming red hair, she will not be a member of “The Blondes” – the mean girl club that Amber belongs to – so we will have to adjust the name of the mean girls group to something else.  Any suggestions?

conormcgarry-2Last, we welcome Conor to the show, playing Leroy.  I saw Conor this summer in another CMTF show and was impressed with his stage presence and his talents.  I am excited to see his take on the junk-food-eating, out-of-touch Leroy.

So, there are costumes to be washed, props to be dusted off (and purchased), slides to be created, rehearsal space to be booked, and a hundred other decisions to be made.  Grand piano vs electric keyboard?  Scrim or cyc for projections?  On and on.  Oh yeah….during the festival, Laura Stratford and I will also be presenting a workshop on Creating musicals.  Fun stuff, ha?

Larry Little

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