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Blog 19 – Why didn’t I get that show?


How many times have we asked ourselves that question?  OR….you may have asked a similar question – why didn’t I get that directing, design or other theatre job?  As a producer I have hired dozens of actors, designers and directors.  I have also fired a few.  So, I thought it would be helpful if I shared my thoughts about getting hired.

  • You did not physically fit the role. This is type casting.  Much of casting is about matching preconceived notions of what the director/producer/playwright had in mind and the body that walks in the door. This is NOT a reflection on you, it is a reflection on how our business works. My advice – don’t get angry about it, just live with it.  Because one day, you will be the perfect “type” and get the role. (I remember surviving multiple auditions for a film role and then a new producer walked in the door and said “he is two inches too tall!” and I was asked to leave.)
  • You were not prepared. If the audition calls for two songs of 32 bars of contrasting music – sing exactly what they ask for….but be prepared with other music in case they want to hear more.  I can recall many times when very talented actors simply did not follow instructions and were cut.  Don’t let this be you…be prepared.
  • You were not courageous. Auditions are not fun for anyone.  The casting team (directors/producers/choreographers) wants you to be “the one”.  They want to leave the audition and say “wow, we have a great cast”.   But, you have to show them you want the role and that you are willing to work for it.  If they ask you to read from a script, do it with zest and zeal – take chances.  Show them your sense of humor and that you are a professional.  Do not make excuses.

Laugh_RPSo, you physically fit the character, you were prepared and gave them exactly what they wanted and you fearlessly read, sang and danced, but you still did not get the role.  Then, you say, I did my best – and laugh.  Laugh because this is show business and PROBABLY the reason you did not get the role had NOTHING to do with you.  Then, laugh again….and look for the next audition.

Larry Little

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