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Blog 28 – Wanda Bernoulli descendant of a math dynasty!

wanda 2Name: Wanda Bernoulli
Position: Moderator of the National Math Competition
Sign: Capricorn
Favorite Food: Strudel
Favorite Color: Forest Green

Wanda is the organizer and moderator of the National Math Competition held annually in Poughkeepsie, New York. She is a proud descendant of the mathematical dynasty of the Bernoullis, beginning with Jacob and Johann Bernoulli in the 1650s and moving down to Daniel, Nicolaus, Jacob the Second, and Johann the Third.

This pride can make her a difficult personality to get along with, although she is nothing if not fair and devoted to the study of mathematics. She loves to be recognized, especially for her recent profile in American Mathematics Magazine, where she sports her brand new hairdo. She is a tireless advocate for math, and uses every opportunity available to raise awareness – as well as funds. She has been known to refuse to finish an important competition question before she makes a plea for donations as if in a public radio drive.

Wanda’s biggest fear is a loss of dignity. So she was horrified in a previous competition when a contestant’s pet chinchilla chewed through the wires of the competition’s buzzers. They had to resort to answering questions by raising hands, “like in the fifteenth century!” She is now almost pathologically repelled by any pets, in particular rodents. Wanda has vowed never to let an incident that could make her a laughingstock of the international academic community like that happen again.chinchilla

How will Wanda feel about an upstart team from Waukesha Wisconsin? Will Melissa’s crazy hair remind her too much of vermin? And most importantly, what surprises does Ms. Bernoulli have up her sleeve for this Math Challenge?

Find out in NUMBERS N3RDS!

Larry Little


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