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Blog 3 – Creative Decisions……

creative desicions


Life is a series of choices.  Choices and decisions. Many times, I remember my grandma telling me “choose wisely” and “make good decisions”.  In the creative world, we must make many choices and decisions.  Some become very delicate and difficult to make for personal reasons.

The year was 1985.  BIG RIVER was “the” show on Broadway (still a favorite of mine), BACK TO THE FUTURE was the summer smash hit, GOLDEN GIRLS had us all glued to our TVs. And I was graduating from college.  After four years, finally…..I was prepared to walk down the aisle at that glorious ceremony and accept my diploma.  But then the telephone rang…I was offered a series of featured roles in great musicals in one of the best summer stock companies in the country…but I would have to start right away….and miss my graduation. Guess what I chose?  Yep…five musicals would dominate my life for the next three months (and propel my career), and I would miss graduation.    Do I regret that decision?  Yes and no.  But that is the thing about decisions, something is always left behind. But if you don’t choose, everything gets left behind.

This year CPA Theatricals will have to make a series of choices and decisions.  We are producing a new musical and there are always choices and decisions producers must make during that process – and 2016 is when we expect to have a first full draft. We have a magnificent composing team, an adventurous story and colorful, funny characters to share with the world.   Our show is being designed to be produced by high schools, college and universities and community theatres – there are no plans for a major production in Chicago.  We will tell you more about that in future blogs.  But for now…….as 2016 begins….let us all just reflect, rejoice and prepare…….for all of our future choices and decisions.

All the Best in 2016.

Larry Little