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Blog 70 – What happens in rehearsals?

This past weekend the show that I am producing,  NUMBERS NERDS, had a workshop production.  The house was packed and the theatre was hotter that I wanted it, but it went off beautifully.  We received a lot of great feedback about how to make the show better and cleaner.  As I was talking to an audience member, I heard an actor nearby talking about how they “liked rehearsal more than performing,” and I thought.  Hmmmmmmmmm, interesting.  Later I asked a few actors about this.  Here is what I heard.

  • I prefer rehearsals because it is safer and more creative. I can try different approaches to the character and I can use my imagination to create a “physicalization” and/or “vocalization” of the character.
  • While performing is more “fun,” rehearsals can be more rewarding. If you are working with wonderful professionals – the director, choreographer, stage manager or other actors – the experience can be very fulfilling.
  • The preparedness of the leaders (director, choreographer, producer, stage manager, etc.) is critical to the enjoyment of rehearsals. Some directors do not prepare much before rehearsals, they want to “creatively respond” to the actors in rehearsals, but other leaders are very well prepared. (I remember working in summer stock with a director that had everything written down before we started – all of the blocking (exact locations on the stage), entrances, exits, furniture, props, etc.)

But, perhaps the best thing I heard…or saw, really, was the chart below.  This helps explain a lot about rehearsals.  The chart is from my colleague, Ken Davenport, and I think it is great.rehearsals

Any thoughts?

Larry Little


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