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Blog 72 – Merrily, Dolly and Rehearsals…what people said


what-people-saidI have had some great comments about past blogs.  I think it’s time I reported back!


“I saw Merrily We Roll Along shortly before it closed. I don’t think I’ve ever been as bored and confused by a musical since Anyone Can Whistle. Not only were they bad ideas, they were bad musicals. Despite Sondheim’s valiant attempts to “innovate” the musical form, a musical stands or falls on its book. Richard Rodgers said it best: writers must ask themselves “what is this show about.” If the book (the about) is a good idea, given adequate writing, casting and production, it will be a hit. If it’s a bad idea, no matter how good the writing, casting and production, it will be a flop.”

“I don’t think there are any bad ideas for musicals. I just think some ideas have been executed poorly. When you can have Urinetown, Sweeney Todd, or Little Shop of Horrors and all three are successful, then anything can be a good idea.”

About the Rehearsing blog

Rehearsals are all about food.  Some actors think they are about the work.  No.  They are about food.  “What did you have for breakfast?” “Me?  I can’t eat before I sing.”  Then you start seeing what actors bring to nibble on.  You can gauge an actors performance by their noshing supplies.

I once was working with an actress out of whose shoulder bag came a baguette, an imported salami, gruyere cheese, a cutting board and knife.  Then, there are the breaks and the Danish and coffee and various flavored milk substitutes.  Lunch is around the corner.  “I’ve been there.  In fact, I’ve been to all the places around here.  That’s why I just bring nuts.  Sometimes fruit.”  “Dinner at my place tonight.  You’re all welcome.” “What can I bring?”  “It’s just pizza.” “I love pizza.”  “Are you off book?”

And finally……the HELLO DOLLY blog:

Carol Channing was good but we really liked Pearl Bailey’s version of Dolly. I liked Pearl in other stuff as well. She did a song on one of the variety shows in the 70’s about her shoes that was hilarious.

ahhhhhh what a great song…here it is


Thoughts?  I would love to hear them.
Larry Little

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