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FIDDLER on the Roof, Sheldon Harnick and NUMBERS NERDS

This morning, as I sat at my desk about 7am to start the day’s work, I noticed I’d received an email late last night.  It was from the person in charge of the workshop in NYC this weekend at TRU – Theatre Resources Unlimited.  A few scenes from NUMBERS NERDS have been selected to be presented at that workshop, where we, and five other shows, will receive feedback and suggestions from a panel of serious New York theatre professionals.  Needless to say, we are very excited.  The email gave us the final schedule for the weekend.  But perhaps more wonderful, it told us that we were going to have a special guest on the panel.

sheldon-harnickSheldon Harnick, the original lyricist for FIDDLER ON THE ROOF and SHE LOVES ME, will be part of the panel.   Thoughts of FIDDLER ran through my head immediately.  When I told the liberttist for NERDS, Laura Stratford, she immediately sent an email to OUR lyricist, Alex Higgin-Houser, that asked, can Melissa (the lead character in our show) quickly learn Yiddish?  What an honor to be able to meet him and get his feedback.

Oh, one last thing I would like to announce.  We have added Julie Bossidy as an Associate Producer for CPA Theatricals.  Her job will be to spread the word about NUMBERS NERDS on the east coast and to connect with likely theatres in that area who might be interested in producing our show.  Julie has always been interested in the theatre and was one of the few people who saw the importance of HAMILTON early enough to get seats on Broadway – with the original cast!

We have also added two production assistants who will focus on social media and growing our mailing lists – Michael Idaski and Chris Thoren.  WELCOME…..

Now, the fun part begins…..  Any advice???

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Carol Lemerand

October 13, 2016 at 9:22 pm

Take a deep breath, SLOW DOWN & enjoy every moment of the process. It’s all good!!

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