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BIG NEWS – Numbers Nerds in NYC again!!!

Yep!!!  You got it.  Some big, exciting news.

NUMBERS NERDS is heading to NYC….again.  But this time as part of the New York Musical Festival (NYMF).  We will be featured as one of a few “invited” productions at a theatre on 42nd street!  The festival will be in July and August 2017 – exact dates and theatres to be announced.

We are so excited about this, but shhhhhhhhh……we cannot announce this through social media until NYMF puts out their full press release in February.  (Can you believe we have to wait that long?)  But they are allowing us to put it on our website and in emails.

Help us get there by looking at fun sponsorship opportunities! We have even started a GO FUND ME campaign to help us get there!!

Lots more details to come, but I had to share this news.  HAPPY 2017!!

Larry Little


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