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Stephen Schwartz attending the opening night after party for the Broadway musical ‘The Addams Family’ held at the Marriott Marquis Hotel. New York City, USA – 08.04.10

Stephen Schwartz is a hero of mine.  I love all of his work.  He writes music and lyrics. As I meet more and more musical theatre writers, I am more and more impressed with their skill, their tenacity and their “can do” attitude.  Today, I thought I would share some of my friend Jye Bryant’s thoughts about writing for the musical theatre.

“Creativity is an elusive beast who arrives with a fierce intensity at the most inconvenient times only to disappear abruptly and without a trace.”

This is so true.  How many times have I gotten an idea in a yoga class and know I have to wait till the end of class to write it down.

His five tips for songwriters are marvelous.

Here is another:

“Lyric writing – noun – the art of the human experience through the use of metered language and occasional rhyme that will be further enhanced by complementary melody.”

But this message is the one I like the best:

“Write the shows you want to see and create the world you want to live in”


Thoughts?  Love to hear them.

Larry Little

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