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NYMF report #4


All of the costumes were put in one large suitcase.  All of the props were put in another. The final rehearsal in Chicago was over and the cast, directors, crew and producers were preparing to leave for New York for the New York Musical Festival (NYMF).

Sunday – a day of travel and rest.  Then Monday and Tuesday – rehearsal days, then Wednesday – the big day.  Wednesday starts with a load in, a technical rehearsal (where lights, sound, costumes all come together) then the first performance of NUMBERS NERDS.

I thought Sunday was a day of rest, but here is just a smidge of what happened.

  • Emails and calls back and forth from NYMF and the marketing department telling me that our sales were lagging and could be talk about a marketing attack. That of course led to discussions with our PR firm and our general manager.  Some initiatives were discussed and plans set.
  • After our final rehearsal, the writers discussed some last minute revisions to the script and lyrics. Clarifying actions and solidifying characterizations and ta da….a new script.  Changes had to be discussed with the director and new pages distributed to the cast and crew.
  • Lighting designer emailed with very specific questions about the instruments and light board specifics – he was directed to the contact at NYMF.

Then Monday came and went with this going on…..

  • New orchestrations were created for some transitions and had to be printed and added to the band’s music books.
  • Full day of music in a not so large, warm room in the middle of Manhattan. Lots of other auditions going on in other nearby rooms (a health club commercial was being cast so there were a lot of shirtless men and women in skimpy work out clothes.)

Tuesday …

  • More orchestration changes and adjustments and more printing.
  • Our set arrives. Looks great and will work well, but now we have to polish the transitions using the new furniture.
  • Full run of the show for the designers. Designers take notes, chat about lighting, costume and projections.  (The designers will work through the night to make these adjustments so that they are ready for early morning technical rehearsal.)

Ready for Wednesday?


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