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A Word from the Associate Producer…

After  over 150 blogs and almost three years of writing, Larry Little is demanding a bit of team participation.  So, I am coming out from behind the curtain to join the theatrical conversation.

I’m Tim O’Connell.  I’m Larry’s life-partner for the last thirty years – and spouse since 2011.  So, it’s not surprising that I’ve been closely following the journey of CPA Theatricals.  But it’s more than that.  Since I retired after almost 40 years of university teaching, contributing to this project has been my second career.

What, you may ask, does a teacher (and not a theatre teacher, at that!) have to offer? Well, for starters, even though I’m not a theatre professional, I have a life-time of enthusiastic “audiencing.”  As you know, that’s a special skill in itself.  If I start peeking at my watch, I know the show is in trouble!  And I’m not shy about reporting my experience.

What’s more, writing was always a bit part of my work (13 books and hundreds of articles).  So, my red pen is always at the ready for copy-editing and proof-reading!  I can promise that every topic and insight of these blogs is Larry’s.  But there is the occasional droll turn-of-phrase that might be mine!  Of course, on the other hand, that means that if you notice any typos, I’m the one responsible!

In the division of labor within CPA Theatricals, I’ve also taken responsibility for handling the contracts and other legal issues.   I’ve worked with our wonderful entertainment attorney, proposed refinements in our contracts to reflect the unusual collaborations that all our shows involve.  And then I handle the correspondence to get everything signed and filed away.

From now on, I will chime in on these blogs about once a month.  Following the pattern of Larry’s blogs, I’ll share with you what I’ve learned.  I’ll highlight things that might interest you and make suggestions that might help you.   And just as Larry does, I’ll look forward to your comments and reactions.

For now, it’s enough to let you know I’m here!

Tim O’Connell
Associate Producer

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