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Casting…why is it so difficult for actors and producers?

Casting…part 3

Yep, another blog about casting.  Most actors hate casting calls and auditions, most producers do not like sitting through auditions, and many directors also do not like the long hours of auditions.  But, alas, auditions and casting calls are a part of our business.

For productions that use union actors (Actors Equity Association) most of the time, some kind of auditions are required.  The production staff cannot just cast the show with the actors they know.  With that said, here are some things that producers (even I ) have heard at auditions.

  • “I’m sick” This is the big one….Many actors start off by telling everyone in the room that they are not in ship shape.  Even if you are sick – DON’T TELL US.    As a producer, I automatically think – Oh, that is not good.  Much better to have someone behind the table say something like, your voice sounds a bit rough today, are you OK?  Then the actor can respond honestly.  It tells us you are not a complainer, but a trooper.
  • “Well, that was terrible.” Now, this is controversial because if you were really bad, maybe it is good to break the ice by just admitting it. But I think just do your best and plow forward.  Many times, there simply is not enough time to have you do it again.
  • “Do you want me to sit during this?” Many times, producers and directors are discussing things just before the actor sings or reads from the script. Don’t disturb them. Wait for them.  Then start and make a choice.  Don’t ask, just do.
  • If everyone behind the table knows who you are great! Say hi when you walk in. But if you don’t know one person behind the table say your name.  And, if the producer(s) don’t know you, consider shaking their hand.
  • “I am really not prepared, I just heard about this audition earlier today.” First thing – no excuses.  Second, you should have something in your book that fits virtually every audition.  Just do your best with what you have.

Remember, we want you to be the right one.  We are on your side.  What we are looking for is “unique.”  Someone who stands out, who is prepared, who has courage, and mostly, someone who we will enjoy working with.

Can you tell I am in the middle of casting our readings?  Thank God, I have help now.

Larry Little

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