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The Things You Learn Along the Way…

During our recent trip to Thailand, we took a weekend excursion to a small island.  The morning of the return, we climbed aboard a pick-up truck with benches on the back for the brief ride to the ferry that would take us back to the mainland.

At the last minute we were joined by two couples who were from India but living in Thailand.  They were elderly, and rather frail.  Three of the four even used canes to help in their walking.  And climbing up into the flat-bed of the truck was not at all easy.  We started chatting, and talked about what we’d done during our visit.

And then the learning.   One of the women – maybe in her 80s, certainly at least 75 — reported that a high point for her had been going para-sailing.  This is the activity where you float gently in the water, tied into a harness that is attached, on one side, to a huge parachute and, on the other side, to a high-powered motor boat.  Then the boat revs up, and as it gains speed one rises up out of the water, into the sky.  One sails along, doing….  Well, I don’t quite know: feeling the thrill, enjoying the view, worrying about whether one may get sick…..

The inevitable question: Why did you do that?   None of asked the real question that was hiding in our hearts: What got into you, a woman “of a certain age,” not even able to negotiate moving on solid land, to attempt something so outrageous?  No, we didn’t dare ask that.  We simply asked: Why did you do that?

And she quickly and candidly answered our question.  (Maybe she answered both our questions!)  She said: “I’m not going to live that much longer. So I’ve decided: anything I can do, I will do!”  I want no regrets later on.  My philosophy of life is simple: when in doubt, do it!  Don’t skip it.  Don’t postpone it.  Just do it!”

CPA Theatricals is really Larry Little’s “thing.”  He’s been in the theatre world for decades: an actor, a director, a producer.  He’s completely at home there.  Not me!  I may call myself Associate Producer.  But the real truth is that I’m trying to help, trying to feel my way, trying NOT to mess things up!  So for me, a man “of a certain age,” that lady’s philosophy was an inspiration.  It energized me.  Maybe it can do the same for you!

Tim O’Connell
Associate Producer

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