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Why are we in the theatre?

Why do people get involved in theatre?  Good question!  I suppose there are many reasons.   But I recently reconnected with one of the deepest, most touching reasons.

Larry Little and I attended a performance of MATHLETE SUM-IT at Viking Middle School, in Gurnee, Illinois. The performance was wonderful; it was delightful to see the talent and creativity of the young people.  At the end of the show there were the usual bows.   

But then, all the backstage team joined the actors on the stage, and then they all sat down and joined hands.  Two girls stepped forward, introducing themselves as co-chairs of the Viking Thespian Club.  They explained that Viking has a traditional way of ending the final performance of any show.  And they invited any “Viking Alumni” to go to the rear of the theatre, hold hands and to join in.  Young high school students jumped up.  But so did some adults.  Since the program has been around for 30 years, they also could have been alumni.  But maybe they were the moms who helped in the productions.  I guess they were “honorary alumnae!”  

Then a song began.  I suddenly realized something important was happening, so I grabbed my phone and started to record.  At the end of this blog I’ll providing a link to the recording.   It’s sloppy   And of course it starts a bit late because it took me a moment to hit “record.”  But you’ll hear the song.  And, as I pan to the rear of the auditorium, you’ll see the “alumni” proudly joining in.

Before you play the video, you might like to read some of the lyrics:

All the plans we made, the ideas we shared
In our first time under lights,
From the moment we set foot on stage
We looked forward to this night

Now we say farewell to all of you,
We hope you liked our show
But before you leave this special place,
There’s something you should know

We learned trust in here, we saw joy in here…
And some sad and glad times, too.
But the greatest thing about this show
Was sharing it with you.
Yes, the greatest thing
Was sharing it with you.

Play the video.   Listen to the song.  Then you’ll know the answer to my question.  THIS is why theatre is a part of our lives!  CLICK HERE.

Tim O’Connell
Associate Producer

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