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Pilot Productions of THE MYSTERY OF CUSTODIA

THE MYSTERY OF CUSTODIA – our new virtual, online musical is being tested….right now!  Several pilot productions of the show are being performed by middle schools throughout Illinois.

What’s a pilot production?

Well, normally, when we develop a musical we “test” it by doing workshops.  A workshop is a staged mini version of the show.  It may not even be the entire show, but it lets the creative team see the show on its feet.  Based on what we learn through the workshop, we then work on transition music, dialogue, etc, as we gauge the audience reaction and flow of the show.  Since this is a virtual musical – no workshops!  So, we are going to test it but just jumping ahead with several full productions!

Meanwhile, we have continued to move forward, preparing the materials that other licensors will need.  We have now created a condensed, zipped file for teachers who will direct productions of the show.  After they purchase the license, they receive this zipped file — which contains the script, a resource guide, the audio performance files, a logo pack, and a set of rehearsal audio files.

Now, since we developed the show for middle school students, will it work with high school students?  Not sure about this. So…we’re also doing a pilot production using high school students!!  Donterrio Johnson will direct the show, working (remotely, of course) with students from all over the Chicagoland area!

What are we looking for in these pilot productions?  Since there is no dialogue, we have to give special attention to assure that all the monologues fit together.  Is there a clear flow as we move from one monologue to another?  Is it funny?  And in addition, what about that songs?  Are they in the right place?  Are they in the right key?  Does the story flow smoothly?  Is anything unclear or clunky?

We will also be looking for feedback from the directors about the product itself.  Was the resource guide helpful?  Is there anything that we can add to make their job easier?

This type of musical is new.  And we are excited and on pins and needles to see what we learn.

Fingers crossed.

Larry Little


Gina Major

August 17, 2020 at 2:11 pm

I’d really like to read this.
I direct at lake lehman high school, lehman , pa.

    Larry Little

    August 17, 2020 at 2:52 pm

    Hi, I just sent you a perusal copy of the script. ENJOY.

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