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The Moment – it happens and everything changes!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from CPA Theatricals!

We have been very busy here, and I am excited to announce that we have created a new zoom musical.  This musical is intended for performance by actors ages 15-20.  The title is  –  THE MOMENT – each scene focuses on a moment in each character’s life when everything changes.    We all have these moments.  As I look back over my life, I can name about 5 times when something happened and BAM – my life was never the same.  So that is the concept for this show.

I am so proud to say that we collaborated with 11 writers from all of the US to create this new show.  Here they are!

Right now, we are in rehearsal of our pilot production of THE MOMENT, using actors from all over the country.  (After all, they are rehearsing in their homes, and will videotape their polished performances.)  The show is helmed by my longtime friend, Kenny Ingram.  Kenny is known throughout the world as a director/choreographer and as a performer.   It is an honor to be able to work with him during these unprecedented times.  And the performers in the show – WOW.  Some with Broadway credits, many with dozens of shows under their belts (a huge accomplishment for young performers!) and all excited and very talented.

Now, here is something else.  If 2020 made us pivot – it also took us out of our comfort zone and THE MOMENT did just that for me.  You have heard me say many times that I produce “Family Entertainment!” Well, THE MOMENT is different.  It is edgy, gritty.  It deals with issues that young people today are struggling with.  All this – but with an element of joy and hope.  Here are some of the characters in the show and the issues their “moment.”

Camiya – 15, a mixed race female, watches Kamala Harris acknowledge her win as VP- elect.  As she watches Kamala she sees herself and so many possibilities ahead.

Fatima – 17, a Muslim-American, receives a letter from a college she has applied to.  It is her last chance to attend university.  Otherwise she will have to stay at home and work in her family’s restaurant.

Kyle, 15, male, is home alone for the first time.  He uses the opportunity to do the one thing he’s been dreaming about for years: trying on his mother’s heels. This moment sets off something in him: he feels liberated and alive.

Tyshawn, 15, black male, faces the challenge of going to an all-white prep school.  Everything is new – including the stuffy uniform which he is about to try on.

These are just a taste of the show.   Right now, I am feeling so blessed and grateful to be able to tell these stories.

Wishing you and your families prosperity, peace, joy and happiness in 2021!

Larry Little

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