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Blessed and Grateful – 2021 and What’s up in 2022!

This is the time of year to reflect and rejoice.  CPA Theatricals had a wonderful year working with some amazing artists (see the photo above.)  To recap, MILEY CHASE THE SCIENCE ACE is now being licensed by Stage Rights.  It is our fifth show to be published by a licensing company.  And this does not include the adaptations for zoom, social distancing or our show in the Spanish language!  Our shows have been performed all over the US and the world – including Japan, Singapore, Myanmar, Turkey, Canada, UK and Honduras.

The group of artists you see here includes directors, producers, writers, stage managers and – of course – performers.  Some of our professional family could not be in the picture, but I wanted to name them here.  Tina Reynolds, Ragan Hughes, James Zager, Lara Filip, Emily Lynn, Dylan MarcAurele and Jim Radloff – all have been a vital part of our success.

Next year brings us MILEY CHASE THE SCIENCE ACE – an animated tv series for children.  This has been a wild adventure, taking me into a whole new world of television and animation.  I am meeting new professionals weekly and learning things daily.  Animation takes time.  Building a team takes time. Interviewing tv directors, writers, producers – takes time.  So excited to see where this goes.

Our zoom show THE MOMENT – which has already been performed in high schools – is being expanded into a stage show for adults.  We have added mature characters, written more scenes and songs and, of course, re-written previous material.   Big shout out to James Zager for encouraging me to continue this project and for his continuing our collaboration into 2022.  An upcoming full reading of the stage version will take place in March and a full production in summer 2022 will give new life to this musical.

And we also have two new projects just in the gestation stage.  The first one is a super-secret new project that kind of fell into my lap – thanks to the amazing, creative folks I hang around with.  The other project is a new musical comedy featuring different styles of music and dance from decades past.  Wanna know more about them? Stay tuned.

Reflecting back I am grateful.  Looking forward I feel blessed.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

May the New Year bring singing and dancing and “All That Jazz.”

Larry Little

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