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Our new show – SENTINELS. Wait till you see what this one is about.

Time to share some more information about our new show SENTINELS!

Here is the elevator pitch:

We’ve all heard about the all-male “secret society” at Yale.  What if there was an all-female secret society that makes its home in an abandoned dome room at a university in Milwaukee?  Since 1945, this group of brilliant, courageous college women have made it their goal to ensure women are at every table where important things happens. From their refuge overlooking the campus, they’ve been involved with such monumental events such as the first Black woman to star at the Met Opera, the election of the first female leader of a Muslim country, and the discovery of polio vaccine.  This is their story.  The Sentinels.

Do I have your attention now?  Well, here’s some more info: First, it is a play with music – not a musical.  That means that there will only be one song – at the end of the show.  Each scene takes place in a different decade, from 1945 – 1999.  So transition music will reflect the decade of the scene – but it will be a variation on the one song that comes at the end.  This is tricky, but we’ve hired a great NYC composer – Kim Sherman – and I am confident she will create music that you’ll love.

We held a workshop of the show in December, and I am proud and honored to say we found an amazing director – William Osetek.   Now, Bill and I go way back.  We attended Loyola University together back in the 1980’s.  Since then, he has gone on to much greater things – he just finished his tenure as Artistic Director at Drury Lane Oak Brook theatre.   What a catch, eh?

I don’t bring on a director till we have a solid first draft of the script, and our amazing writer, Marilyn Campbell-Lowe, wrote one hell of a first draft, so it was time to put it on its feet.   I also hired some very talented performers.  After the workshop, we received a lot of notes from the audience and the creative team.  The story features The Sentinels engaging the burning issues of each era, and it elicits strong audience responses.  So, we were left with a to do list, including lots of rewrites.

So, that’s where we are now.  Rewrites and reworkings.  We will have a table read of the new script at the end of March – using many of the performers from the workshop.   Hopefully, that will bring some clarity on our next step.

Stay tuned!!!

Larry Little

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