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NUMBERS N3RDS Needs Your Support

The New York Musical Festival is an incredible opportunity to showcase young, smart women in leading roles. BUT, it is expensive! We will be taking Chicago actors to New York and putting them on a stage on 42nd Street — WOW. Donate Now! Your contributions will help support our group at the 2017 New York

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is an official selection of the New York Musical Festival 2017! Meet the cast: Maisie Rose (Melissa) appeared in Numbers Nerds at the Chicago Musical Theatre Festival last August, as well as numerous workshops and events for the show since then. She recently graduated from Northwestern University, receiving a B.A. in Theatre and Psychology with

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NERDS at NYMF Production Team

A selection of the 2017 New York Musical Festival! Meet our Production Team Larry Little (Producer and Story) wrote the original story for NUMBERS NERDS, a tale that combines a set of characters modeled on real-life people with the passion for numbers that shaped his second career as a Certified Public Accountant.  Numbers Nerds is

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NERDS at NYMF 2017!!!

is an official selection of the 2017 New York Musical Festival July 2017 (exact dates TBA) Meet the amazing composers – Click HERE Wanna see the cast? Click HERE How about the Production Team? Click HERE SUPPORT US through GO FUND ME – Click HERE Interested in being an Assistant PRODUCER? Click HERE   For more

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Help us get to the New York Musical Festival (NYMF) – July 2017!!

SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Wanna be an ASSISTANT PRODUCER?  Any gift of $10,000 or more gets your name on the title page!!     PRODUCTION LEADERSHIP Director (Amber Mak) $10,000 Music Director (Dylan MarcAurele) $5,000 Assistant Director (Megan Farley) $3,000         PERFORMERS Actor: Maisie Rose (Melissa) $2,000 Actor: Danielle Davila (Mary Kate) $2,000 Actor: Madison

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Hello, here is what happened in NYC at the TRU workshop! NUMBERS NERDS was selected to perform part of the show last weekend at a workshop in New York!  Theatre Resources Unlimited selected six musicals to be featured in front of a panel of Broadway professionals.  And, we were THERE!  Along with two Chicago actresses

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Blog 28 – Wanda Bernoulli descendant of a math dynasty!

Name: Wanda Bernoulli Position: Moderator of the National Math Competition Sign: Capricorn Favorite Food: Strudel Favorite Color: Forest Green Wanda is the organizer and moderator of the National Math Competition held annually in Poughkeepsie, New York. She is a proud descendant of the mathematical dynasty of the Bernoullis, beginning with Jacob and Johann Bernoulli in

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Blog 23 – Ms. McGery, the drama director turned janitor

A Job is a job! Name: Ms. McGery Position: Janitor and Club Adviser Sign: Sagittarius Favorite Food: Dark Chocolate Favorite Color: Royal Purple Ms. McGery was once the drama teacher for Our Lady of Perpetual Chastity Catholic All Girl’s High School. With the loss of funds and being transformed into a charter school, McGery’s position

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Blog 21 – The Second Half……

Everything has a second half.  When I turned 50, I thought, I am now in my second half of life.  I often cannot finish my second half of my dessert.   This week, the composers finished the second half of our new musical.  So, we read and listened to the new songs of the second half

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