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Triplets and Trumpets!

Most of you know that we spend January and February in Thailand.  Usually, it is a quiet time for us to relax, recoup and lazily do some work via the internet. In particular, it is a time to reflect and imagine for me. For example, during this period two years ago I created the character

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Rise up!

“The second most important theatre critic in the US, right now, is Chris Jones.” This quote is from my mentor. I understand it and agree with it.  Chris Jones is the theatre critic for the Chicago Tribune and the New York Daily News.  I have admired his writing for a quite a while.  I remember

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Look at the ‘Ol Girl Now, Fellas!

This morning I woke and on my to do list was to write a blog.  Then, I learned that Carol Channing passed away.  I thought for a little bit about not writing about her…many people have said so much already…nothing left to say… But, then, I realized I would be remiss or maybe even negligent

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nymf invite – a personal invitation

Hi Jim, I wanted to personally invite you to see our new musical that will be performing at the New York Musical Festival – NUMBERS NERDS.  Ken Davenport, who has been coaching me through this process, thought this is might be “your kind of show”.  We already have six contracts with schools to perform the

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Numbers Nerds at MONDAY NIGHT LIVE!

Dear Numbers Nerds Supporter: Monday Night Live at Petterino’s was a huge success!! The cast and some friends performed with Denise and Becky last night at Petterino’s Monday Night Live.  The sold out house welcomed the young mathematicians with thunderous applause!!! And, we were treated to a visit from a real mathematician – Jeanne LaDuke

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Monday Night LIVE at PETTERINOS!

We have been invited to participate in MONDAY NIGHT LIVE at Petterino’s restaurant on Monday June 12th at 7:30pm.  And we want you there!!!  Why?  Because the cast from NUMBERS NERDS will be featured! Since 2007, Denise McGowan Tracy and Beckie Menzie have been hosting a delightful musical showcase known as MONDAY NIGHT LIVE. Over 700 singers

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NERDS at NYMF Production Team

A selection of the 2017 New York Musical Festival! Meet our Production Team Larry Little (Producer and Story) wrote the original story for NUMBERS NERDS, a tale that combines a set of characters modeled on real-life people with the passion for numbers that shaped his second career as a Certified Public Accountant.  Numbers Nerds is

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NERDS at NYMF 2017!!!

is an official selection of the 2017 New York Musical Festival July 2017 (exact dates TBA) Meet the amazing composers – Click HERE Wanna see the cast? Click HERE How about the Production Team? Click HERE SUPPORT US through GO FUND ME – Click HERE Interested in being an Assistant PRODUCER? Click HERE   For more

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Help us get to the New York Musical Festival (NYMF) – July 2017!!

SPONSORSHIP OPPORTUNITIES Wanna be an ASSISTANT PRODUCER?  Any gift of $10,000 or more gets your name on the title page!!     PRODUCTION LEADERSHIP Director (Amber Mak) $10,000 Music Director (Dylan MarcAurele) $5,000 Assistant Director (Megan Farley) $3,000         PERFORMERS Actor: Maisie Rose (Melissa) $2,000 Actor: Danielle Davila (Mary Kate) $2,000 Actor: Madison

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