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Blog 56 – Directing a new musical

Mark Lococo is directing the new musical DAPHNE’S SUNSET.   What part does directing play in putting together a new musical?  How do the librettist and the director work together during this process?  I talked with Mark Lococo about his thoughts. You’ve directed new musicals as well as shows that have already been on Broadway, are

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Blog 19 – Why didn’t I get that show?

How many times have we asked ourselves that question?  OR….you may have asked a similar question – why didn’t I get that directing, design or other theatre job?  As a producer I have hired dozens of actors, designers and directors.  I have also fired a few.  So, I thought it would be helpful if I

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Blog 13 – Some of my favorite characters on Broadway now…or coming soon.

Simba, Jean Valjean and Dolly As we are presenting the character profiles in NUMBERS N3RDS, I found myself thinking of other characters in musicals that have affected me deeply over the years. From shows now on Broadway or soon to arrive, here are some of my favorites. Simba from LION KING – Let’s start with

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Blog 11 – Camels, shadows and show biz

I’ve seen the picture several times in Facebook.  You may very well have seen it, too.  Beyond the simple fascination with what is pictured, I’m struck by several lessons which the picture teaches. Shadows are so much larger than the realities they show. In my experience, this is true not only of pictures but of

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Blog 10 – A Producer’s way to create a musical

A PRODUCER’S WAY TO CREATE A MUSICAL I know a lot of composers, and I know how they go about creating a show.  They get an idea and they write the script, build songs.  And they look forward to the day they’ll see their show “live.”  But until that day, it’s their “baby,” and theirs

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FINALLY, the working title and draft logo!

Here it is…   SYNOPSIS: Against a backdrop of drama-queens-turned-janitors, loose ferrets, and college pressure, a diverse (almost) all-girl high school Math Team faces a crisis.  They must band together to surmount their differences, figure out if unicorns are extinct, and raise the money to go to the National Math Challenge. In Numbers Nerds, we

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Blog 5 – Why I am obsessed with Michael Bennett!

Creator of A CHORUS LINE, DREAMGIRLS and director of FOLLIES –  Michael Bennett – why am I obsessed with him? From everything I’ve read, he wasn’t a particularly nice person in the end.  There are many stories of his temper and his constant taunting.   But I’m a bit obsessed nonetheless.  And why?  After thinking about

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Blog 4 – Collaboration

    I remember that one of my making of the theatre books had a story about the creation of the Broadway musical FUNNY GIRL. It goes something like this…. Jule Styne had written several of the songs, a libretto was in its first draft and a star was hired….(I wonder who??) A director was

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Blog 3 – Creative Decisions……

  Life is a series of choices.  Choices and decisions. Many times, I remember my grandma telling me “choose wisely” and “make good decisions”.  In the creative world, we must make many choices and decisions.  Some become very delicate and difficult to make for personal reasons. The year was 1985.  BIG RIVER was “the” show

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