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In Defense of Math

From CPA Theatrical’s NEW Musical, Numbers Nerds!

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Another Reading of our new musical!

Last Sunday, seven brave actors, two accomplished musicians, one fierce stage manager and the three incredibly talented composer team members joined together to hear some more music and dialogue from our new musical. ¬†Here are some pictures to help tell the story.  

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Listen to Melissa’s First Theorem

The song is Melissa’s First Theorem, sung by the character of…well…Melissa. The file is a combination of takes during our September reading (we worked in a rehearsal studio, not a recording studio). The wonderful actress is Cami Rene Philgreen. (She sung the song about a hundred times – dealing with changes every time – what

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2nd Reading for our New Musical!

On a long Saturday the actors got up early to rehearse the music before presenting the new material to the producers. And WOW….. the composing team did an amazing job! Three new numbers – we are now about 30% done with the first draft of the show. Here are some photos, take a peek!  

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Fun Rehearsal Pictures – Summer 2015


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