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Perusal Scripts

Review our scripts for potential performances.

Perusal scripts are perfect for checking out the characters, dialogue, scenes, and more.

If you’re uncertain about choosing a show to license, ordering a Perusal Script can help you determine if a show is good for your theater and audiences.

You can request a perusal copy for any show you are interested in licensing.

Jungle Jim the Musical

Jungle Jim is a young boy whose vivid imagination takes him and his animal friends on magical interactive adventures throughout the animal world.

One night, after arguing with his little sister about sharing their toys, young Jim dreams of adventure in the jungle wild. When he magically awakens in the thick of the tropics, “Jungle Jim” finds himself in the middle of a search for a missing leopard cub.

Miley Chase The Science Ace

Miley Chase, a 6th grade science ace, wants to discover something scientifically important, something that changes everyone’s lives.

While calculating the exact date the asteroid hits the earth and destroys the dinosaurs, she accidentally discovers the secret to time travel.

Miley’s nemesis, Tyler, the snotty, spoiled next door neighbor confronts her as Miley is putting the finishing touches on the time machine and they are accidentally transported to prehistoric times.

Performance rights for the Miley Chase the Science Ace are handled exclusively by Stage Rights, licensing@stagerights.com, (323) 739-0413, www.stagerights.com

The Moment!

This new musical is available as a Zoom musical as well as a stage show!  

Sometimes your life can change in just a moment. THE MOMENT, a new musical, explores different moments in the lives of the characters. That one moment when everything changes.

The Mystery of Custodia

A New Online, Virtual Zoomsical!

Comprising 24 scenes, this musical is designed for all students to have a monologue, and occasionally songs.

Students film their individual section(s) and submit them to the Drama Teacher or Director, who will put all scenes in order and place it online for audiences to enjoy!

Something’s up at Hi-Mount School! Teachers have gone missing, strange clues are popping up in the most unexpected places, and there’s something peculiar going on in Custodia… the janitor’s murky lair. It’s up to precocious amateur sleuth Foster and the rest of the Drama Club to figure it out.

Performance rights for the Mystery of Custodia are handled exclusively by Stage Rights, licensing@stagerights.com, (323) 739-0413, www.stagerights.com

Land of the Forgotten Toys

A NEW Christmas Musical intended for performance during the holiday season.

Grace is a brilliant young woman with big dreams and a passion for Astronomy.  She is stuck working in her Family’s toy store and pleads for a great adventure – far away from Sheboygan Wisconsin. Suddenly, she is transported to the LAND OF FORGOTTEN TOYS and everything changes. Christmas is in trouble – and it’s up to Grace and her rag-tag crew of forgotten and broken toys to save it!

Performance rights for The Land of the Forgotten Toys are handled exclusively by Stage Rights, licensing@stagerights.com, (323) 739-0413, www.stagerights.com


An original musical developed specifically for performance in middle schools.

Featuring a large, mostly female cast, the show follows the lives of several girls from the beginning of middle school to the end of high school. Based on interviews with real girls, the show documents the journeys, struggles and joys young women face as they maneuver their way through school and life.

Performance rights for Girlhood are handled exclusively by Stage Rights, licensing@stagerights.com, (323) 739-0413, www.stagerights.com

The 57th National Mathlete Sum-It

The almost all-girl high school math team from Waukesha, Wisconsin, has lost – and then won – the regional math competition.

They are off to compete in the National Math SUM-IT. These smart and funny whiz kids must unite to solve difficult math problems without getting distracted by teen drama and pressures.

Always witty, sometimes uproarious, this is the story of girls becoming women – conquering anxiety and rivalry, finding a way to affirm themselves as individuals and as team-members, learning to win at math… and at life!

Performance rights for The 57th National Mathlete Sum-It are handled by Theatrical Rights Worldwide, www.theatricalrights.com