Musical theatre workshops and productions

1st Reading – A New Musical is Born

Well….it happened.  We had three songs and the dialogue to go along with it — the opening of the show, and a dynamic solo shortly after the opening. We read and sang them — over and over.  The magnificent actors brought life to the characters and helped us understand how these characters think and act.

Summer 2015 581

Then we played with each number. Hmmmmm….is that the right key? The rhythms don’t sound right there. Let’s add two more measures here. Can we change the accompaniment at this point? Those lyrics are perfect! Too many lines — cut these lines and add this dialogue to this section.

Summer 2015 563 Summer 2015 577 Summer 2015 547

Now, lets do an improvisation, just a quick interaction between the characters.

WOW did we learn a lot.

Summer 2015 560 Summer 2015 561 Summer 2015 564

Coming up next: our working title and our elevator pitch…. Stay tuned!

Summer 2015 542