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Whatcha up to?

Well, you haven’t received a blog from us in a long time.  In many ways it feels like the last month was the “month that wasn’t.”  But, still, there’s lots to say.

I want to look beyond the CPA Theatricals doings.  About two weeks ago, I participated in a Zoom with about fifteen of my former Loyola colleagues.  Each reported in from locations as far east as Maine, west as California, north as the upper peninsula of Michigan.  And there was lots of variety!

Several still teach.  They are hard at work at home, finishing the spring semester, preparing for on-line summer school.  One holds a staff position in a hospital chain.  He’s totally swamped with supporting the front-line heroes.  On the other hand, several are retired.  I was intrigued by their activities….  Taking on-line guitar lessons from the Old Town School of Folk Music!  Learning a new language!   Shopping for their neighbors!  Homeschooling the children!  Finding safe places to walk!

And the touching thing?  Over and over they commented that “We are the privileged ones!”  We are not on the front lines.  We are not forced to keep working in dangerous settings, lest we lose our job.  We are not squeezed together in small housing.  This is such a time for compassion!

For ourselves, we are trying to use the time well.  We are in contact with teachers, program directors, producers, helping them explore options for the coming year.  Beyond that, Larry Little – who claimed that this year is entirely about marketing – has totally failed to rein in his imagination!  Working with a range of collaborators and consultants, he has begun to shape the story for two new shows!!!!

And one other thing….  Something I’m really proud of.  With Larry’s leadership we have been finding work for many talented theater folk who have lost their livelihood.  No one will get rich from this.  But we hope it will keep food on the table.   And the work they are doing may – just may – result in something new and exciting.

So please stay tuned.   CPA Theatricals is alive….and well….and on the move!

Meanwhile, we hope you are safe and healthy, as well.

Tim O’Connell
Associate Producer

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