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Black Lives DO Matter!

Dear friends,

All of us at CPA Theatricals want to join our voices to those of the black community – and, indeed of all Americans of good will – in expressing our anger and our grief at the brutal and deadly treatment of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, and so many others.  This pattern of racism is a cancer on the body politic.  And the commitment to working for its eradication is the bare minimum of what citizenship and honest humanity requires.

So we want to proclaim our horror and our shame at this ongoing pattern of national duplicitousness.  And we want to acknowledge that the almost bottomless rage of those who have been racism’s victims is beyond reasonable.  It is inevitable.

But we also want to match this proclamation with a pledge.  Our mission at CPA Theatricals is to care for underserved communities both on and off the stage.  It is obvious that the black community has been underserved during the entire life of our nation.  So, in support of our conviction that Black Lives Do Matter, we pledge to keep the needs and concerns of the black community at the heart of our mission, and to assure that they are both the beneficiaries and the active shapers of that mission.

Larry Little, Producer
Timothy O’Connell, Associate Producer
Julie Bossidy, Associate Producer