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Boldness……and a bit of a revamp

 “Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.  Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”

This is a quote I have in my office.  It is sometimes attributed to Goethe, but there is some doubt if he really wrote it.  I don’t care who wrote it.  I need to read this, to repeat, to have this in my head.  Because sometimes I need the courage.

Many of you have asked me…what’s next? I am taking January and February of this year to reflect, regroup, recharge and mostly to share my gratitude.  You see, Tim and I have had a busy five years since I sold my CPA firm. Never did I imagine that I would create and develop three original musicals, consult with some great teams on two other musicals and have them ALL realized as full productions. And never did I think that I would have been as busy as I have been.  And…never did I think creating and developing new musicals would be so expensive!

And along the way, we have met some really wonderful people.  I think about the teachers, students, actors, designers, producers, directors, parents, musicians, consultants, and of course – YOU  – our supporters, and I am grateful.  I am moved by the commitment of the amazing actors we have worked with. I am blown away by the talent of the young students who performed our shows – and the generous love of their supportive parents!  And I am touched by the audiences who came – some several times! – to see our productions.

I am a story teller.  That is my main job. Yes, I am a producer – but in this phase of my career I am a story teller.  But creating those stories and characters takes time and energy.  My stories and characters – which were the basis of 57th NATIONAL MATHLETE SUM-IT, GIRLHOOD and THE LAND OF FORGOTTEN TOYS – developed with the help of many people.  It was my job to select which path to take, which idea was the best – because the “best” idea wins – no matter who suggests it.

So, I am going to take some time this year to market our shows, work with directors and producers to help get these shows to the stage, learn more about marketing, see lots of shows and consult with my mentors.   That will mean that this blog will be more intermittent and not a regular weekly blog.  It will also be more personal – as requested by many of you.  More about the journey of creating and developing musicals.

I have written over 200 blogs……so its time for a “reboot.” A small one….though.

And most of all – I hope to have the courage to continue to create, build and collaborate!

Larry Little

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