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Welcome and Thanks – “All Things Musical Theatre”

Today, I want to welcome to the blog the wonderful group of folks (almost 400!) who attended NUMBERS NERDS at the New York Musical Festival (NYMF).  A big fat WELCOME to you!  My blog – “All things Musical Theatre” talks about many things related to Broadway and Off Broadway musicals.  I talk about historical performances and statistics. I interview leading movers and shakers in “show biz.” I share anecdotes about famous performers and performances. And I give a “backstage” view to those of us curious about what goes on behind the curtain.

In the past I have talked about the diminishing orchestra, discussed the details about producing a musical at NYMF, the roles of the librettist, composer and lyricist, and lots of other fun subjects.

But, I have also shared an analysis of HAMLITON’s numbers, posed the question is musical theatre therapy?, offered commentary and trivia about the Tony Awards, and stage management.

And, I have not forgotten about the design elements – costumes, make up, sets and lighting all got their turn.  As well as the designers who helped make Broadway history.

Some of the fan favorites were – “Ooooo my eyebrows hurt” and “dragon fruit and musicals” as well as “Break a leg – where did that come from?” and “Gypsies, Vamps and Leaves” and “What does an iceberg have to do with musicals?”

My readers were quick to point out when I left out important and famous scenes/numbers or stars in my blog about Parades, and actors reacted strongly to my blogs about patience and discipline.

Many loved my inside stories about auditions and casting, Cast albums and understudies and replacements were blogs that prompted several important comments from readers.

Theatre folk reading my blogs commented on my stage etiquette and reviews blog. Directors and Assistant/Associate Directors made me think more about the blogs I wrote about them.

Well…you get the picture. For those readers who have been with me for a while – or from the beginning – thank you!  And for those new – again – Welcome.

Larry Little

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